Cybil Shepherd, Pay Me, NYC, 1971Hats on the Beach, 1959Carrie Donovan, 1965Cybil Shepherd sitting on a wall, NYC, 1971Diana Vreeland in her Office, 1968Veruschka, Eyes Up, 1966Hubert de Givenchy, 1967Elsa Peretti"Baby" Jane Holzer, New York City, 1965Fashion Designer Emilio Pucci with models, Mid-1960sLauren Hutton, 1972Berry Berenson, 1972Marisa Berenson, 1970Marisa & Berry Berenson, 1970Suzy Parker with Great DanesSuzy Parker in White Fur, 1958Vidal Sassoon on his rooftop, 1969Iggy Pop with Cigarette, 1970Iggy Pop on All Fours, 1970Iggy Pop, 1970