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Cybil Shepherd sitting on a wall, NYC, 1971

Cybill Shepherd was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and after winning a beauty pageant, became an enormously successful model. Shepherd had an All-American look and cut a fuller figure than most of the Twiggy-like models of the mid to late sixties; this set her apart, making her very in-demand, and put her on numerous magazine covers, including Vogue, Glamour, and Life. It was from one of those covers, a Glamour magazine in 1970, that the director Peter Bogdanovich selected her to play a key role in his definitive film The Last Picture Show (1971). This photograph was taken by Jack Robinson on October 27, 1971, just five days after the release of The Last Picture Show. She would follow that performance with a role in Elaine May’s classic comedy, The Heartbreak Kid (1972). Her career eventually moved from movies to television where she has been the star of several successful and popular television shows.