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Berry Berenson, 1972

Berry Berenson was related on her mother’s side to the great couturier Schiaparelli and through her father to the distinguished art historian Bernard Berenson. After a period of modeling, Berenson became a fashion photographer in her own right. This photograph taken in Berenson’s apartment in New York is from a six-page feature in Vogue titled “Berry Berenson – A Natural Girl” that was published August 1, 1972. The article remarked on her “touching trust and openness” and her “unselfconscious dash and style that make her one of the great girls that spark up the New York scene”. Here she wears a white wool robe and an African snake bracelet of ivory that was a gift from her sister Marisa. In August 1973, she married the actor Anthony Perkins. Sadly, Berenson died when her flight to Los Angeles was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.