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Ike Turner had a long career as a performer and is responsible for what may be the very first rock and roll song, Rocket 88. With hits such as “River Deep and Mountain High,” and “Proud Mary,” Ike & Tina and the Ike & Tina Turner Revue regularly appeared in the music charts and on concert stages as they ascended to stardom. Jack Robinson photographed Ike and Tina on November 25, 1969 while they were in New York on tour with The Rolling Stones. In a “People Are Taking About …” feature of Vogue, Tina is quoted “People seem to worry about how women suffer in the songs I sing. They do, but they give it back. No man can get the best of any woman if she knows what to expect.”
Ike Turner, 1969Ike Turner, 1969Ike Turner, 1969Ike Turner, 1969Ike Turner, 1969