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The Italian composer Luciano Berio was an outstanding orchestral and vocal composer who was perhaps most renowned for his works with solo voice. He was especially celebrated during his long residence in New York City for conducting his own works with the Juilliard Ensemble, which he founded. As well as teaching at The Juilliard School, he taught at Tanglewood and Harvard, and is acknowledged as one of the main forces in the development of modernist music and innovative sound sources, especially electronics. He was photographed by Jack Robinson on February 5, 1970 for a “People Are Talking About …” feature of Vogue. There the forty-four year old Berio was described as a “shake-up composer with something to say and listen to.”
Luciano Berio, 1970Luciano Berio, 1970Luciano Berio, 1970Luciano Berio, 1970Luciano Berio, 1970