Jean Seidenberg

Jean Seidenberg


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Product Description

New Orleans artist Jean Seidenberg and family are seen here from the mid 1950’s.

The Jack Robinson Archive is blessed that writers and publishers have shown an interest in New Orleans as represented in Jack’s 1950s images. Since 2004, a historical consultant for the company, Dr. Sarah Wilkerson Freeman of Arkansas State University, has been performing her own research using our images, and in the last year, several other writers have contacted us as well. To help advance any research where Jack’s images from this period may play a role, be they images from Mississippi, the Memphis area, the New Orleans area, the Gulf Coast, or Mexico, the Archive is creating this repository of images. Many were displayed at a public exhibition at the Newcomb Gallery at Tulane University in 2006 and some have been displayed on our website for years. Many others have never been seen by the public at all. Some of the scans are rough scans so please forgive us for that. Although some of the subjects are public figures and others were identified in the 2006 exhibition, we have decided not to include any information on any image in this repository. Should you recognize any subject, or have any story, personal or otherwise, on an image, location, time, etc., we ask that you contact Dr. Wilkerson Freeman at Arkansas State. Although we have no exclusivity with any writer or researcher, Dr. Wilkerson Freeman has built a wealth of information on these images from her years of research. We hope that besides contacting Dr. Wilkerson Freeman with any information, you also contact us directly at

We are currently investigating a software enhancement to allow users to tag images with names, dates, etc., so that anyone who cares will be able to build on the input of others. Any information that you send directly to us will be the basis for this first round of image tagging.

Thank you for all your support.


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