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Iggy Pop, 1970

Iggy Pop, the”Godfather of Punk,” was born as James Newell Osterberg in Michigan. He started out as a high school drummer and one of his bands was The Iguanas, hence his stage name. Inspired by the performing antics of Jim Morrison, Iggy expanded on them with his group The Stooges. Jack Robinson photographed Iggy on February 26, 1970 for a “People Are Talking About …” feature of Vogue, just after The Stooges had released their second album, Fun House. Vogue describes the “wide-toothed singer with a Froggy-the-Gremlin voice:” in “silver lame opera gloves and faded jeans, Iggy taunts and worries the audience with his drive and hype: I wanna be your dog.”