About our Prints

Robinson Archive - Digital and Tradition Dark Room Printing

Our high-end prints are available through a select few fine art photography galleries in the United States and abroad, including the Staley-Wise Gallery in New York City. We also have a number of vintage prints that are not currently for sale. The negatives are stored in fireproof safes in an off-site storage facility. We use Optical Anti-Static Scanning Fluid to ensure the highest possible quality and resolution of our scans. Once scanned, the negatives are digitally restored in Adobe Photoshop to remove any scratches or damage incurred over the last 50 years. We also have a film recorder, which exposes a digital image to conventional film, resulting in a new negative that is indistinguishable from the original except for the restoration.

To restrict forgeries and to ensure appropriate provenance and authenticity, all prints from the Jack Robinson Archive are marked with a series of stamps and hand lettering on verso and a blind embossed Archive signature on the bottom right below the image.

About our Prints

All Jack Robinson prints ordered from the website are digitally printed from high resolution scans of the original negatives. However, we also offer traditional silver gel darkroom prints processed from the original negative.

Digital Printing Traditional Darkroom Printing